Decoding The Types Of Rewards On Food Delivery Apps

As the end of the month approaches, chances are that you must be craving your comfort foods, but your wallet may be holding you back. Food delivery apps understand this well and offer a range of rewards and restaurant discounts all year round. Below are some common rewards that food delivery apps, including Swiggy, offer.

1. New User Discount: When you decide to ditch outdoor dining plans and place your first order on a food delivery app, this is the kind of discount, cashback, or reward that you could avail of. New user discounts are a way for apps like Swiggy to welcome you to their platform. It’s important to note that new user discounts are usually a one-off reward. However, some apps may indirectly extend this reward by offering discounts when you refer the app to a friend or family member.  

2. Cashback On Credit Card Payments: Certain apps partner with different banks. This partnership enables you to avail of cashback, discounts, or some other reward if you make the payment using a credit card from the partner bank. For instance, Swiggy offers a 10% cashback if the payment is done using an HDFC Bank credit card. This type of reward is not unique to just food delivery apps. You can avail of the same type of reward on a grocery shopping or restaurant booking app.

3. Premium Membership Discounts: Many leading food delivery apps, including Swiggy, offer a premium membership plan to their users. This premium membership plan can enable you to avail of discounts on your order. Some apps may waive the delivery charges for premium users if they’re in a certain proximity to the restaurant they’re ordering food from. Premium membership can be thought of as a loyalty plan. They’re similar to discounts or offers you would get from a restaurant if you made repeated restaurant reservations

4. Festivals And Events Related Cashback: A food delivery app may function similarly to a grocery delivery or table reservation app when it comes to offering rewards on special occasions. A prime example is Swiggy, which routinely offers discounts and cashback. The occasion could be the app’s anniversary or some traditional festival. Either way, festive discounts ensure that you can enjoy discounted meals on various days of the year. These special offerings enable you to save money on food orders during peak celebratory times when you may be tempted to order more lavish meals or larger quantities. Festive discounts are usually available app-wide, so you can use them flexibly across many restaurants to maximize savings.

5. Platform Improvement Rewards: Swiggy’s Bug Bounty Reward Program is a great example of platform improvement rewards. The idea is simple – be the first to find bugs in the app and get rewards based on the scale of the problem you identified. The bug could be something as minor as not being able to access the page of your favorite seafood restaurants on your mobile device or something as major as getting the payment debited but not seeing the payment status get reflected on the app. Please note that not all apps may offer a platform improvement reward.

Final Thoughts: Food delivery apps like Swiggy eliminate the hassle of having to arrange a restaurant booking by directly getting your favorite foods to your home. Reward programs are a great way to save money if you order frequently through a food delivery app. Each type of reward has its own perks and limitations. Thus, it’s best to spend time researching the offerings of your chosen food delivery app before making significant decisions like signing up for premium membership plans.

This article was written by Patrick